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Salted Crab Sauce ปูเค็มแช่แข็ง - 14oz

Salted Crab Sauce ปูเค็มแช่แข็ง - 14oz

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Experience the rich and savory flavors of authentic  Asian cuisine with our Salted Crab Sauce ปูเค็มแช่แข็ง. Elevate your cooking with this essential ingredient.

** While thermal bubble mailers are used to ship frozen products, it's important to note that these items will not remain frozen during the entire delivery journey. When placing an order, exercise your judgment and consider the implications of the shipping method. Please be aware that the thermal bubble mailers are designed to keep the products cool and delay thawing, but they may not guarantee a completely frozen condition upon arrival. Therefore, it is crucial to select appropriate shipping options and take into account factors such as delivery time, external temperatures, and the sensitivity of the products being shipped. Communication with the seller is encouraged to address any concerns or inquire about additional measures that could be taken to ensure product quality.

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